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IP Video Surveillance System for Educational Institute & Campus

Education is one of the most important sectors for any country because it defines the future and fate of the country by the young brains. How the bright minds are treated at these campuses that is directly proportional to the progress of nation with the recent surge in lawlessness at campuses, with small mischiefs like avoiding classes, to more serious ones like ragging, anti-nationalism, child abduction, violence, terrorist attacks, etc. & there is a huge need to secure education Institutes such as Schools with IP Cameras security to protect the students & faculty against such threats. trulySafe IP Video Surveillance solution provides innovative features, which help protect campuses against any such catastrophic threats in future and at present. The Key Benefits

  • Prevent Ragging and other Anti-social Activities
  • Improve Discipline & Secure Campus
  • Record Lectures for Future Reference
  • Coordination among Multiple Institutes

Behind all these initiatives of our trulySafe systems is to secure the premises & infrastructure of educational institute & campus.


Benefits of choosing trulySafe Solution

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    Centralized Monitoring

    trulySafe centralized system management software with well-defined user roles & allows Centralized Configuration, User-based Login Roles & Rights, Audit Trail of User Activities

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    Multi User Mobile APP

    You can easily see the surveillance of your business or home any time on one tap over your smart phone with multiple easy options, So you can see everything from anywhere.

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    Low Storage Cost

    Our NVR & Cameras our inbuilt with our AVCA technology that does the adaptive learning compression & cut down storage by 70 %

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    trulySafe provides seamless integeration with other security solution like Access Control, Fire Alarm & Intrusin Detection

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    Adopting a platform that understands & can be incorporated with new cameras or solution as per the need.

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    Health Check & Smart Alerts

    trulySafe provides you with alerts for camera disconnect, network failure, storage full or even if someone tries to hamper with your device & it provides E-mail, SMS , Calling Alerts

Benefits to bank on

Problem & Solution for Educational Institute without sacrificing usability?

  • Indiscipline Affecting your Reputation ?

    trulySafe Firstly,acts as a deterrent that creates a fear of being caught in the minds of miscreants. Even if one indulges in these activities, monitoring is made extremely simple with Camera Sequencing to identify and punish the culprits. It allows you to view multiple cameras in a sequential manner, ensuring you can identify smallest of incidents. with the complete proof

  • Less Attendence Leading to the poor performance ?

    Integration with Access Control ensures foolproof attendance system, which effectively solves the problem of proxy attendance. Integration with access control enables the Video Surveillance system to take a snapshot whenever a student marks his attendance through Attendance device. This gives you a visual proof of students attending the lecture, eliminating proxy problems

  • Secure the periphery of Institute ?

    Institutes are spread across large area due to which unwanted elements often try's to enter the campus by jumping inside the campus & create trouble for students & authority.trulySafe IP solution, equipped with Intelligent Video Analytics such as Intrusion alarms,sensors to ensure you get real-time alerts via SMS, E-mail, Alarm, whenever someone tries to illegally enter the campus

  • High Storage Surveillance Cost?

    As per goverment norms educational institute are mandate to keep video recording for 60 Days that leads to high storage cost due to large infrastuture of the campus & number of class as well however trulySafe has inbuilt AVCA technolgy that compress the data by 70% which cuts down cost drastically which gives you 24*7 recording with not motion based.

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Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

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    24*7 Recording Backup

    Data will be stored at your premises & you can download the playback whenever required online & offline

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    Intrusion System

    Secure students, staff and premises so let's cover all critical areas without any blind spot.

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    Premium Support

    Adopt a collaborative approach to innovation by trulysafe.We provide support onsite with customer resolution satisfaction

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