Facial Recognition

Whether you want to identify or verify a person, a camera with facial recognition software is a coherent solution. It helps you improve customer service & protect your assets by identifying important customers or potential intruder or unwanted element. trulySafe offers facial recognition solutions for a wide range of applications, including

  • V.I.P. identification
  • Detection of most wanted persons at airports etc.
  • Integration with access control systems
  • Watch- or blacklisting of people at certain places

People Counting

Big data Analysis is no longer just a catchy word. Today, videos analytics to detailed, a real-time insight about customer behavior is a core competitive advantage in many industries video-based people counting offers retailers and other service industries a way to apprehend & scrutinize customer data from their different locations.

Key Features
  • Measure the number footfall of customers or visitors
  • Evaluate and improve marketing & promotional activities
  • Optimize staffing schedules & daily operations
  • Analyze and share relevant footfall statistics


ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Our Automatic number plate recognition solutions are based on a trulySafe IP cameras and in-house software. It automatically captures the license plate in real time, compares or adds it to a pre-defined list & then takes appropriate action as per user-defined actions.

Key Features
  • Multiple applications
  • Parking management
  • Vehicle alerts
  • Access control mapped to authorized vehicles
  • Toll roads, to enable free-flow
  • Airport Parking Management

Loiter Detection

With its area concept, it allows an exact recognition of suspicious movements which are been inbuilt smart analytics algorithm perhaps that leads to additional benefits, of perfectly adjusted to its environment which facilitates the reliable detection of unauthorized loitering even under difficult weather conditions. Installation & configuration is straightforward which is suitable for indoor plus outdoor applications.

Key Features
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • A Configuration of apprehend & alarm zone
  • Adjustment of activity switch-off delay
  • Recognition of loitering & slow movements plus activity recognition
  • Monitoring of open areas, fences, and buildings rooms

Line Crossing Detection

Line crossing detection is one of the behavior detection smart features in trulySafe IP cameras. If a person crosses a pre-defined virtual line which has been allocated in different regions by a user, the camera will automatically detect the event & can trigger alarms or hooter as pre-configured to do so.

Key Features
  • Protect key areas
  • Real time alerts
  • Proactive Security

Heat Map Detection

trulySafe heat map analytics feature reflects the index of moving people on video & it helps users to recognize a tendency of moving people intuitively.

Heat map features provide added benefit for users seeking to employ an IP camera’s intelligent video analytic capability for uses beyond traditional video surveillance, including the reporting of statistical information on density, traffic, and counting of people.

Used properly, these intelligent analytic features can help a user manage a business more efficiently by potentially reducing expenses, manpower and time.