Home Security Surveillance


Home IP Security Surveillance

trulySafe provides a perfect house Surveillance solution to safeguard your houses and provide you with complete control of its security, irrespective of the number of locations. So eventually it is useful for both independent houses and society as well

  • High Resolution Images
  • Perimeter Security
  • Vehicle Mangement System
  • Smart Playback and Downloads
  • Centralized Monitoring & Control

trulySafe has wide range of solution to offer from indepedent house to societies.trulySafe can be integerated with Access Control, Fire Alarm ,Intrusions Detection System etc & our wide range of software gives you the best 360' results


Benefits of choosing trulySafe Solution

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    Centralized Monitoring

    trulySafe centralized system management software with well-defined user roles & allows Centralized Configuration, User-based Login Roles & Rights, Audit Trail of User Activities

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    Multi User Mobile APP

    You can easily see the surveillance of your business or home any time on one tap over your smart phone with multiple easy options, So you can see everything from anywhere.

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    Low Storage Cost

    Our NVR and Cameras our inbuilt with our AVCA technology that does the adaptive learning compression and cut down storage by 70 %

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    trulySafe provides seamless integeration with other security solution like Access Control, Fire Alarm & Intrusin Detection

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    Adopting a platform that understands & can be incorporated with new cameras or solution as per the need.

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    Health Check & Smart Alerts

    trulySafe provides you with alerts for camera disconnect, network failure, storage full or even if someone tries to hamper with your device & it provides E-mail, SMS , Calling Alerts

Benefits to bank on

Problem & Solution for Home Survellience without sacrificing usability?

  • Perimeter Security

    As housing society often have a large periphery from where miscreants may intrude in your perimeter Therefore it becomes vital to secure the periphery in order to have foolproof security system & trulySafe will create the virtual fencing around the society so even if someone tries to enter it will send real time alerts

  • Managing Multiple Towers

    trulySafe allows you to assign user defined roles and rights to multiple people. For instance, only viewing rights are assigned to security head of a society while the security staff has been divided according to number of tower survellience provided with viewing & management rights for the area.

  • Parking Mangement System

    Universal problem trulySafe brings a comprehensive Parking Video Surveillance, which prevents people from parking haphazardly, parking in restricted areas, parking in others' slots, moving in a wrong direction and gives real'time status of vacant parking spaces.

  • High Survellience Cost

    As per goverment norm every societies are mandate to keep video recording for 30 Days that leads to high storage cost due to number of cameras . trulySafe has inbuilt AVCA technolgy that compress the data by 70% which cuts down cost drastically. More number of camera and less will be the cost

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Secure your Home by trulySafe

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    24*7 Recording Backup

    Data will be stored at your premises & you can download the playback whenever required online & offline

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    Intrusion System

    Secure customer, staff and premises so let's cover all critical areas without any blind spot

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    Premium Support

    Adopt a collaborative approach to innovation by trulysafe.We provide support onsite with customer resolution satisfaction

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