Enterprise Video Mangement Software

trulySafe video management software is one of the most comprehensive enterprise-level VMS solutions in the market, featuring interactive maps linked to alarms, an advanced event and action manager, analytics tools, video wall support and other components. To ensure the safety of your data, the software also offers edge recording for synchronizing all data with IP devices storage, archive replication, advanced system health monitoring and failover, & there will be no longer disruption in your video surveillance system. All this, plus various customization possibilities and flawless technical support, makes trulySafe VMS solution a video surveillance solution that you can count on.

Centralized Management and Control

CMS software bundle up all the different network video recorder which are connected across enterprise. It offers centralized monitoring for all the cameras which are connected to the NVRs anywhere. Moreover it gives you the complete flexibility over your surveillance system by viewing multiple cameras & integrated sensors which sends notification at real time occurrence of any event. It also allow camera grouping, while user can decide the sequence and configure multiple cameras as per need with health check analytics of cameras.

Integration with Peripheral IP Systems

It can integrated to 40 wired & 40 wireless sensors & comes with intelligent Video analytics like Motion Detection, Intrusion Detection, Face Detection, and ANPR which gives you the preventive security to employees, customer asset as well.

Health Monitoring

Keep your hardware on your fingertips minimizing the risks of surprises & control the whole surveillance system

Playbacks & Downloads

You can see the live view of your surveillance systems of all the IP cameras and got the access to eventually download the footage and play the footage as you need.

Configuration tools

Implementing this type of surveillance system in your business you can eventually customize and assign the number of cameras as per your business requirement. So it can be divided very easily and effectively.

“ Showcasing Our VMS ”

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