Wireless Shutter Sensor

High power Wireless Shutter Sensor, Trigger Distance 5-6cm,Long Distance Security for Home/Office/Garages , Transmit Frequency 433MHz.


Trigger distance : 5-6cm
Emission distance:30-50m(Indoor), 200m(open area)
High alarm sound
Wall Mounted
High Accuracy & reliability
Low battery indication
Rugged metallic encasing suitable for harsh use


Operating Voltage: 12V DC, with dry battery model :23A
Working current : 15mA
Static current : 5mA
Alarm current : 0.09W
Operating Temperature: -10’C to +50’C
Humidity : 95% RH
Installation Mode: Screw based
Colour : Metallic
Material : Alloy plating shell /stainless steel pipe thread