LGP Gas Leakage Detector Sensor

Wireless Gas Detector Sensor (Natural Gas+LPG), Transmit frequency 433 MHz, Wall Mounted, Warm-Up time 120s, Emission Distance 30m (open area)


Warm up time : 120s
Emission distance : 30m(open area)
Type off GAS sensed :- LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), Cylinder Gas
High Sensitivity : 10%LEL
Transmit frequency : 433 MHz
Alarm indication : Relay out/sound & flash alarm
Power supply through main line
Easy installation and maintenance


Operating Voltage : 200-250 VAC 50/60 Hz (EB supply)
Alarm Indicator : Red LED flashes
Sound Level : 85 dB/m
Operating Temperature : -10’C to +50’C
Humidity : 95% RH
Installation Mode: Wall Mounted
Alarm Output: Relay out/sound & flash alarm
Colour : White
Material : ABS