Features of trulySafe App

  • Play Live Feeds

    Real-time video display is a primary important point for remote and mobile monitoring. Having direct access to your live camera feed gives you the power to monitor your property without actually being there.

  • Playback & Download

    This is especially helpful when you're on vacation, you can review recorded video and decide if it's relevant or not, or notify law enforcement if you come across something suspicious that was captured on video.

  • Shout@ feature

    With video sensor integration with speakers you could take action every time when you see intruder on your property by shout@ feature from your mobile app which gives you a proactive security

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    Sensor Integrations

    Our proprietary camera-2-sensor mapping enables you to get live alert along with 5 images of that moment to take swift action, capable to pair up to 20 HD Onvif IP camera and 200 wireless sensor thats all your need

  • Live notification

    trulySafe is designed to give live notification of any incident along with images for you to take quick action

  • One App for all

    Our app gives you complete access to security, safety, video, care and protection whenever you go

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