How It Works

trueShield is IP HD security CODEC which can connect up to 20 Onvif camera and wireless sensor , with state-of-art sensor-to-camera mapping in case of intrusion a live notification is sent to the user along with 5 images for quick verification and user can use shout@ feature to prevent the potential loss.

trulySafe Cloud

Mobile first is our motto and trulySafe is not different, with state of art mobile application you can manage your trulySafe system from anywhere in the world , easy to use and very efficient mobile application is secure and provides you with all features from Arming and Disarming the system , view camera live feed, manage your users and much more.

Key Focus Areas Include
  • Camera Live View
  • Arm/Disarm system
  • Add/manage users and sensors
  • Live notification
  • Playback
  • Download playback files


Shout@ Feature

At trulySafe we design and develop system for loss PREVENTION ... shout@ feature is just going to do that for you , with trulySafe we address this your problem with camera integration. You could verify the intrusion and if you find that it is a real threat of an intruder, you could use our mobile app and shout at them and wide speaker connected to the device, will make loud sound and create PANIC for the intruder not for you.

AVCA Technology

AVCA is a revolutionary real-time video compression algorithm based on image processing and data analysis. AVCA engine learns and adapts to change in activity in the camera view. AVCA algorithm compresses the data only when there is less activity and delivers 24*7 data at high quality, giving Best-in-Class savings of up to 70% on storage.

Know More
Key advantage
  • Low memory usage
  • On demand HD data
  • Longer duration recording backup