LS Automotive is a global electrical apparatus partner with world-class complete car’s companies. LS Automotive India established in year 2006, and started operation in 2008. LS Automotive is having headquarters in South Korea. LS Automotive India is No.2 switch supplier in Indian Automotive market with the market share of around 20%. They want to secure the premises by IP solution

LS Automotive Pvt Ltd
Number of Cameras:
MIDC, Chakan, Pune


To keep the business premises secure and increase employee productivity plus safety. The main requirement is 60 days of recording backup for 24*7 for all the cameras.


As our cameras’ are already doing the compression H.265/H.264 which later on goes to the 2nd face of compression by our pioneer AVCA technology that decrease the price of the entire surveillance plus on the other hand gives output of 24*7 recording. So when we installed our solution in LS automotive the main challenge is eradicated and the cost also been optimize by us.

Benefits of Our Solutions-

->Remotely monitor production lines, visually inspect and verify that functions and processes are running correctly.

->Ensure safety rules and processes are being followed and tools and equipment are being managed properly.

->Provide remote troubleshooting and assistance with maintenance and support.


The trulySafe IP video surveillance solution delivered great results, meeting client expectations successfully. High definition imagery, active monitoring round-the-clock and in-built analytics enhanced overall safety and operational efficiency, allowing the management to monitor the vast expanse effectively.

Our video solutions for facilities help overcome them by offering

->Vandal resistant cameras for cost-efficient operation and maintenance

->Real time notification for Proactive Errors

->24*7 Recording with 60 days backup

->Real time notification by our intrusion detection system