Shopping center is a perfect space for modern businesses, with multiple brands, entrainment PVR , located at wanorie ,pune. A Place where people converge for spending time, for entertainment and for other daily and business purposes. Together these people create a place to live, share and Celebrate life.

Shopping Mall
Number of Cameras
: 245 Cameras


The major challenges they were facing while looking for IP surveillance solution to cover entire shopping mall with optimize cost as number which needs to installed were 245 and main requirement was 60 days of recording 24*7 due to which entire surveillance cost was sky rocket & they did received high end quotes for the system


The premise was carefully screened by our trulySafe security experts to determine the best locations and angles to where cameras could be installed to monitor the maximum area without compromising on the footage quality by covering maximum areas. The choice of cameras, cabling, and related equipment/ peripherals, also required careful evaluation since its security for the people & shops & office

After analyzing the requirements and post subsequent discussions with the authorities, the trulySafe Team designed a solution comprising of some of the most advanced IP cameras to meet the client's requirement.

We stitched a tailored IP solution as our NVR comes with our inbuilt technology known AVCA which compress the data on adaptive machine learning algorithm without reducing the image quality of cameras due which 70% of the storage cost was cut down by us with increased efficiency of the system that provides them 24*7 recording not motion based & backup for 60 days.

The huge advantage of our system it is proactive security system which send your real time notification for problems like , tampering , camera not working with the Centralized Monitoring Multi-display allow monitoring all locations from a single place. It also provides user-defined roles and rights, which allows you to provide different viewing and configuration rights to different people. These features help you maintain a complete control over processes


The trulySafe IP video surveillance solution delivered great results, meeting client expectations successfully. High definition imagery, active monitoring round-the-clock and in-built analytics enhanced overall safety and operational efficiency, allowing the management to monitor the vast expanse effectively.