IP Camera

An Internet protocol camera, which is known as IP camera it is a digital video camera used for surveillance that can send and receive information via a network and Internet. The webcam is a similar concept but, unlike an IP camera, it is not linked with other cameras or monitors.

Benefits of Switching from an Analog camera

Ultra HD Recording

All analog video cameras use the NTSC (National Television System Committee) analog video standard, meaning a narrow range of resolutions. However, things change and it’s usually for the better. In an IP camera universe, there is a large range of resolutions you can choose from, depending only on your specific requirement and not a standard regulation

Video analytics

CCTV systems depend very much on human monitoring to catch the events in real time. If the person watching the monitors missed something or something went wrong with the cameras, they would have to reconstruct the events in order to get the facts straight. With IP cameras, you can set your network to mark events that occur in the cameras’ field of vision. This way, instead of having to check hours of footage, your network will tell you exactly when something abnormal happened.

Centralize Management

TrulySafe has powerful automation, visibility and monitoring tools, to reduce the time and cost of managing large distributed IP video surveillance network.

Ease of installation

There was a time when a Network Attached Storage (NAS)-based installation was a complex process however we have our own network experts which do the installation you just have to sit back & relax.


Using our system security surveillance becomes absolutely reliable in terms of the cost as well due to the technology we are using in your system AVCA due to which the storage requirement for your surveillance system is cut down by 70% and efficiency of the cameras is increased.