Adaptive Video Compression Analytics

What is AVCA?

AVCA is a revolutionary real-time video compression algorithm based on image processing and data analysis. AVCA engine learns and adapts to change in activity in the camera view. AVCA algorithm compresses the data only when there is less activity and delivers 24*7 data at high quality, giving Best-in-Class savings of up to 70% on storage.


Video surveillance systems increasingly use H.264 & H.265 coding to achieve 24*7 recording and streaming. However, with the proliferation of security cameras, and the need to store the several months of video bandwidth & storage cost can be skyrocket for your project.

With the rise of 4K technology and higher megapixel cameras, we need more efficient compression and AVCA can provide exactly what we need to reach maximum efficiency in bandwidth and storage reductions up to 70% while maintaining the highest definition video quality.

We have built the pioneering technology that will do further compression after H.264 & H.265 in video surveillance which is known as AVCA a patent-pending technology by trulysafe. The best features of our technology is even if in future as well new compression cameras will be launched it will be compatible with them so the cost of storage will be cut down to the least.

Benefits of AVCA

Decrease the storage cost of the entire surveillance system

Higher efficiency of the surveillance system

Low heat & power consumption

No motion based recording